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The Importance of Exercise for Elderly

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Friday, January 10, 2014 at 12:00:00 am Comments (0)

The Importance of Exercise for Elderly

As people age, exercise becomes increasingly more important. Unfortunately, however, people tend to exercise less as they age.  It is still important for the elderly to exercise. Even if they are unable to perform the vigorous fitness routines of their youth, they can still go for walks, swim, or enjoy workouts that feature yoga and Pilates.

Seniors often report feeling lonely, restless, and depressed when they are stuck at home alone. They have no incentive to exercise. Older people who live at assisted living facilities are more likely to get their recommended daily dose of exercise. If you are thinking about assisted living services for your parent or loved one, rest assured that there are plenty of options for assisted living in Connecticut that will allow them to stay close to home.

Fun and Fitness

Assisted living services are able to keep their residents so fit because they provide a fun, active atmosphere. This atmosphere does not force seniors to exercise like a high school gym class, but instead relies on a retirement living program that keeps seniors out and about.

Retirement living programs often sponsor day trips and other fun activities for residents to participate in together. They can get their exercise by walking around the city zoo, visiting a nature preserve in the spring, or during a community-sponsored walking event. Plus, they’ll be enjoying themselves with their new friends the entire time. Assisted living services provide a social atmosphere for older people that many enjoy. Whether they prefer the weekly dances or the summer trips to the beach, they will be exercising more at the assisted living facility than they would have at home.

Key Takeaways:

  • As people age, exercise remains important to maintaining good health.
  • Many seniors who live by themselves are not getting enough exercise.
  • Assisted living services promote exercise for their residents in a variety of fun retirement living program offerings.
  • The elderly will be able to get more exercise at an assisted living facility than they would at home.

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