Tips for Keeping Your Medications, OTCs and Supplements on Track

Monday, November 5, 2018 at 12:00:00 am Comments (0)

By: Sia Janja, Director of Indepdent Living

1. Stay organized: Keep track of all medications (supplements etc) and place in daily medication boxes if needed to stay organized.

2. Take pills as prescribed and at the same time daily. Establish a time that is with a daily routine such as, before a daily walk, while brushing your teeth, with a meal.

3. Make sure your doctor knows about all prescribed medications and OTCs/supplements you are currently taking.

4. Know how to take your medication, ask your doctor and pharmacist about the effectiveness of the medication with food & beverages or should it be taken on an empty stomach.

5. Ask about any restrictions when taking medications. Does it cause drowsiness? Should you take it at night vs during the day if it makes you drowsy?

6. Make a list of all your medication to bring with you to all of your doctor appointments, hospitalizations and for the pharmacy.


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