Tips for Dealing with the Holiday Blues

Monday, December 10, 2018 at 12:00:00 am Comments (0)

by Monique Turner, CSW, LNHA

Although the holidays are a time of joy and happiness for most people, it can also be a very sad and emotional time for others. Thoughts of holiday traditions and family gatherings from the past can come to mind and remind you of the changes and losses that have occurred. Experiencing any type of loss, either recently or long ago can make this time of year especially difficult.  

While dealing with the holiday season can be challenging, there are some ways to help you feel less blue.

Express your feelings: Holding in emotions is unhealthy. Expressing your feelings of sadness or loss can help you recognize how you are feeling and may even help you to feel better after doing so. You could attend a  support group, see a counselor or even just talk with a good friend or family member. If it feels uncomfortable to discuss with others, you can always write down your feelings in a journal.

Light a candle: Light a memorial candle to honor your loved ones who have passed. You can do this at your Holiday table, at a religious service or anywhere that will give you the space to think about them. Thinking of fond memories and connecting with the happiness you felt with your loved ones can help you feel closer to them.

Shop and Share: You can still shop for items that your loved one would have liked and donate the items to a homeless shelter, hospital or charity. Giving to others who are in need can give you a positive feeling as you go through this emotional time.

Be Grateful: Think of something each day to be grateful about. It can be as simple as food on your table, your health, family members, pets, anything that brings you happiness. Remembering the positive can help ease the negative feelings at this time of year.

Remember that it is normal to have these feelings during the holiday season or anytime of the year.  Utilizing these tips can help you to deal with your feelings and hopefully feel a little bit better.


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