Bemer Therapy: What’s It All About?

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Posted by: Steven Melchiorrre, PT, DPT on Monday, April 10, 2017 at 12:00:00 am Comments (0)

The Balance Rehabilitation team was recently introduced to an adjunct method of treatment for injury called Bemer therapy. We are so impressed by the countless testimonials from users (including pro athletes, medical professionals, and long-time sufferers from chronic conditions) that we decided to offer free trials of Bemer therapy with every therapy session to see if we can help our patients improve the results of therapy as well as their overall tolerance to treatment.

What is Bemer?

Bemer is electromagnetic therapy that uses a completely non-invasive application to aid in improving overall circulation and detoxification of the bloodstream. Bemer uses an alternate frequency to “shake up” the normal bloodflow pattern in the body and stimulate improved movement throughout the system. Stimulating circulation has numerous effects such as improved sensation, decreased pain, increased energy, improved healing and many more. This is a treatment that has been widely used and accepted in Europe for many years, and is considered completely safe and FDA approved, although until recently has not received much attention in the US from healthcare professionals. Almost everyone can use Bemer regardless of medical condition, as it has very few contraindications.

How Does It Work?

The Bemer machine is a small device that hooks up to a large mat on which the individual lays  for an 8 minute treatment. There is virtually no sensation other than perhaps a mild “tingling” or warmth, but many do not feel much of anything. Treatments can be done in this manner for full body effects (overall circulation), or specific attachments can be applied to target specific areas of the body that are impaired, such as a knee, shoulder, neck or low back.  The point specific treatments are done for a longer duration (up to about 20 minutes maximum). For optimum results, the Bemer should be used routinely as part of an exercise or therapy regimen and gradually increased in intensity over the course of several weeks so that the body can adapt and adjust to the detoxification.

What Can Bemer Do For Me?

Reported effects from consistent use of the Bemer include but are not limited to: decreased pain/need for fewer pain medications; improved energy throughout the day; improved sleep at night; improved healing, especially of wounds and injuries; general detoxification/gastrointestinal regularity; improved endurance and tolerance to exercise; improved muscle strength/decreased fatigue.  

While we do not personally guarantee these results, the upside to Bemer therapy can be limitless for individuals with multiple medical conditions that are inhibiting participation in therapy.  On the flip side, there are no contraindications or negative side effects to using the Bemer.  

Options For Use:

All new patients are being given the option to try Bemer as part of their therapy routine at no extra charge. Balance Rehabilitation is offering this service because we believe if used correctly, Bemer can greatly affect the outcomes of therapy. We are also offering use of the Bemer for an unlimited amount of uses per month at a small monthly fee for those who are not therapy patients or for those who want to continue treatments after therapy. There is also an option to purchase a Bemer for home use for those who love the benefits and want to have a unit of their own to use indefinitely.  

Please see our website for upcoming Bemer events and presentations, and as always feel free to call our office (856) 809-7242 for more information on what Bemer can do for you!


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