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Dear Fountains Community,

My name is Steven Melchiorre and I am a Physical Therapist for Balance Rehabilitation and I provide rehabilitation services to this community. I am familiar with many of you, but I have not had the pleasure to meet all of you. Many people have heard of physical therapy, but not everyone knows exactly what I do.

My main purpose is to help people maintain their function for the things you have to do in your everyday life. Activities like walking, moving in bed, getting up from chairs, performing stairs get harder because of things like decrease strength, balance, endurance, and poor technique. I can help you improve these aspects quickly and help you maintain your independence as long as possible.

The approach is simple but effective and all the research supports exercise and movement as the best treatment for almost all ailments that affect us as we age. First, I perform my evaluation which includes a series of test so I can get a baseline of your impairments. Next, I provide a series of sessions with interventions including strengthening exercises, stretches, balance and walking training, and manual therapy for those aches and pains. Finally, I provide a program to you that you can use everyday independently to maintain the progress you made with therapy.

There is always room to improve at any age to optimize your life. If you think this is something for you do not hesitate, and especially do not wait for detrimental event to initiate you to seek relief from your symptoms. You can come directly to Balance Rehabilitation for physical therapy to start improving immediately.

3 Tips for the Summer!

1. Get out and enjoy the weather. Walking is the best type of exercise, and the summer weather is the perfect time to start a walking program. Gradually work your way into shape by walking a little further each day and document your progress so you can brag to your friends. In fact, bring a friend along with you to make it more enjoyable.

2. Stay hydrated. Summer is hot and the heat and warmth can take a toll if you do not drink enough water. One should consume at least one 8 ounce cup of water for every 20 pounds of body weight daily, so drink up.

3. Try to sit out in the sun at least 15 minutes every day. The body makes vitamin D from the sunlight and having enough vitamin D protects the body from things like heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancer. Just remember if you are in the sun too long to use sunblock.

Warmest regards,

Steven Melchiorre, PT, DPT


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