Main Functions of The Human Resource Department

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The Human Resource Department, formally known as Personnel Department, has six main functions as follows:

  • Recruitment – the process of finding and hiring the best qualified candidate
  • Safety – training of employees to reduce work injuries via in-services, maintain incident records & reporting to OSHA
  • Employee Relations – “open door” policy and provide a safe environment for team members to be able to voice their concerns without fear of judgement
  • Compensation and Benefits – see to it that team members are accurately compensated
  • Compliance – ensure that all Labor, Federal, and State Laws, are followed
  • Training – employees learn specific skills via hands-on training in their home department, as well mandatory on-line training.

Here at the Fountains at Cedar Parke we strive to serve our residents by abiding the following mission statement:

"Consistently provide the highest quality of life to our residents as they age in place with dignity. Our dedicated and compassionate team will endeavor to deliver state-of-the-art care in a nurturing and safe environment. Every member of our community, residents and employee, will be valued for their individuality while being treated with kindness and respect."


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