How To Stay Hydrated When Your Sick

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Monday, October 16, 2017 at 12:00:00 am Comments (0)

When you're sick, you hear it over and over: "Get plenty of fluids." And it’s true. Your body needs extra hydration when you’re trying to get well. Not getting enough fluids can affect the body’s ability to fight infection. But what, exactly, should you put in your cup? Some drinks are great for easing symptoms, and others may make them worse. Keep these tips in mind when you’re picking what to sip.

Decaf tea. The heat can soothe sore throats, stuffy noses, chest congestion, and upset stomachs. Plus, a warm cup of tea is comforting when you’re feeling rough. If you choose one with herbs like ginger, your immune system may get a small boost, too. For an extra benefit, try adding a small dollop of honey to your cup: it can calm a cough and help you sleep.

Water with lemon. Hot or cold, it keeps you hydrated and loosens up stuffiness and congestion. Lemon is also high in vitamin C, which may make a cold slightly shorter if you get it regularly.

Soup. Clear soups and broths give you calories when you may not have much of an appetite. Some research shows they may help relieve inflammation in the body, which can relieve some of your symptoms. The warmth also helps break up mucus.  

Ice chips or ice pops. These aren’t technically a beverage, but they have the same purpose: keeping you hydrated.


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