Robert Leatherberry

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Robert (Bob) was born and raised in a segregated Atlantic City on January 15, 1931; he had two sisters. Bob enjoyed boxing for his school’s team and playing sandlot ball with the neighborhood kids. They also played hide-and-go-seek, Ring Around the Rosie, Double Dutch jump rope, Hopscotch, and Scummy! When Bob was about 17-18 years old he joined the United States Air Force. He served in in the military for about 2 years before becoming a civilian again and marrying his high school girlfriend, Ruby.

Bob and Ruby had 9 children (6 boys, 3 girls) that they raised in Pleasantville, NJ. After his military service, Bob had begun working as a truck driver for MIT Trucking Company. He never traveled too far from the east coast but one of his favorite spots to drive through was Pennsylvania Dutch Country. He recalled how kind and friendly the people were.

After Ruby and Bob split up, he was reconnected with his childhood neighbor, Beryl. They dated for a while before they got married and started their life together in Lindenwold, NJ. After about three years, they moved and settled down in Berlin. The couple started Ebony Cab Company that provided transportation within their county as well as surrounding areas. After retiring, they eventually found their way to The Fountains and lived in the Independent Living unit. Unfortunately, Beryl passed away in 2015. Bob eventually moved to Assisted Living but continues to enjoy his cup of coffee in the café and the many visits from his family!


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