Nearly all residents at The Fountains at Cedar Parke would recommend the community to a friend. Here’s what else they had to say about the rewarding lifestyle at The Fountains at Cedar Parke.


“Coming to live at the Fountains was the best decision I have ever made!
My only regret is not making it sooner!”

Ruth, Resident


“Everyone did a great job caring for my Mom. We were very happy with all of the staff.”

Michael, Family Member


“I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders knowing my Dad has such a great place to live!”

Pamela, Daughter of Resident


“It is so wonderful to see my Mom become more excited
and happy with her new home each passing day.”

Kim, Family Member


“The staff is amazing”   

Helen, Resident

It has been almost three months since my mother, was privileged to move into the Independent Living section of The Fountains. It is so wonderful to see her become even more excited and happy with her new home, every passing day.

Unlike any other Independent Living organization that we had considered, only The fountains were truly helpful in developing an understanding of what my mother was hoping for and dreaming it might be. Additionally, only The Fountains was clearly able to determine the
best path for her, not only Independent Living, but also the future considerations for Assisted Living and Nursing Care.


Tom, Family Member

It's been a long time since I've emailed you, but consider the no news, good news, as all is well with my Mom and her care at The Fountains!

We moved Mom into Reminisce on June 1st of 2017, so she is in her fourteenth month there.

I have to say, that the care that she has received in Rem, like that she had enjoyed in her independent apartment, has been exemplary.

The staff are fabulous and all treat her with kindness and respect. They are excellent in communicating with me immediately and very clearly when there are any changes or concerns with her health.

I really appreciate the fact that if I have had any concerns of my own about Mom, her accommodations, or her care, Jen always responds quickly and thoroughly to my inquiries.

Mom also is in hospice care, and the caregivers from Serenity have been outstanding. Aiesha deserves a special mention, as her level of care is totally incredible. She truly cares for Mom, has truly connected with her, and knows her needs and wants better than I or anyone else.

I am very, very thankful to have Mom in such a place where I know that she is safe, comfortable, and well cared for at this challenging stage of her life.

I realize that what you have there is a business, which is great, but, as I have said in the past, it is also very much a ministry to people like Mom and to their families like mine and the others related to all of the residents there.

Please thank your team members for me and encourage them to keep doing their life impacting work.

Ted Webster, Family Member

Mom's life in the past few weeks has been very eventful, but once again the ladies of FountainCare showed their kindness and compassion to, and their respect for her.

On Sunday, May 21, my wife and I were vacationing in Sea Isle City. When we came out of church, both of our phones were loaded with messages that Mom had been found unresponsive that morning and had been taken to the hospital.

When I called Hoda and Eyah they filled me in on as much as they knew at that point, and their concern for Mom was evident in their voices.

By the time I was able to get to the Virtua ER both Hoda and Eyah had finished their shifts for the day. They had come directly to the hospital and were at Mom's bedside when I arrived.

Shortly thereafter, Annette, who had been off work and at home, showed up with a balloon to add to the bunch that Hoda and Eyah had brought, as well a stuffed animal to cheer Mom up.

The ER staff had never seen a trio of home health aides at the bedside of a patient.....I truly doubt it had ever happened!

Mom was soon herself again, she spent a few days in the hospital as a precaution, and came back home on Tuesday.

Apparently what had caused the blackout was a UTI which was treated  there, and she was released with an antibiotic script.

The FountainCare ladies were such a comfort to Mom and an encouragement to me, and I wanted you to know that.

The second major event of the past few weeks was Mom's move from Independent Living to Reminisce on 6/1

This was a big step, but a necessary one, as her ability to live independently was no longer feasible, even with the great care given to her by all of the ladies of FountainCare.

The move went well, and she was welcomed with open arms by the staff of Reminisce.

Having witnessed for the past few days how wonderful the program there is, I am very certain that she is in the right place for this season of her life.

I am so very thankful that the Fountains exists, that it is so well run, and that a senior can get appropriate care for whatever stage of life he or she is experiencing, all in the same facility.

Most people associate ministry with churches, which is a correct association, but ministry is when people’s lives are impacted for their benefit, spiritually and/or practically and not all ministries is church centered.

Your business is one that definitely impacts lives for the benefit of your clients and their families, and therefore, while  it is not a church or intended to be one, it is certainly a place where people are ministered to physically, emotionally, socially, and no doubt sometimes spiritually as well.

I suspect that in the challenges and difficulties of running such a complex operation that both you and your staff of employees may not always realize or remember that truth, but I hope that as you do recognize how much impact the Fountains does have on so many lives, that you and the members of each departments staffs will be encouraged to know that.

Ted Webster, Family Member

Sadly, I said "goodbye" to The Fountains this week, as my Mom, Gini Capuano, passed last month. I've been told she was one of the longest-term tenants at almost 13 years.

In my bittersweet departure, I wanted to express my gratitude to the staff as I had a front row seat to so much of their work during the time Gini lived there. Consistently, I found your staff, to be consummate professionals with an abundance of empathy and interest.

Prior to retirement, I sold to major corporations and learned that from front desk, to CEO, attitudes, good or bad will permeate throughout an organization. They can make or break you. Based on what has kept my family at Fountains for 13 years, I would say that Fountains earned our business everyday Mom was a resident.
I'm afraid to leave anyone out but here are just a few of many: Annette who never acted too busy to help me find someone in the building, Ed who gingerly handled my Mom's parking lot accident, Andrea and Nancy in nursing who held a hand or found their way up to our apartment in a health crisis, Matt who called Mom "Mrs. C" and called me when Mom fainted in her apartment, Susan who welcomed our inclusion of the Fountains tenants to my Mom's surprise 90th birthday party, Jenna who sponsored the very last activity Mom and I ever did together, Dr. P who let me text day or night with a worry, after hours Security that helped me when the
Ambulance driver wouldn't assist my Mom onto a stretcher, Barbara in billing who cried with me when I said Good bye, Julie in skilled nursing who still remembers my Dad to this day and always had a smile for me, the always approachable Sea' who would advise on nursing care and add wisdom to every dilemma, Ron who helped us move furniture or put in a extra plug, and Connie in housekeeping : steadfastly sweet and kind. That kind of consistency just isn't an accident, it's the building of a solid business that makes day to day seem like a family and feel like home.

So I cried when I left Fountains, as much as my grief wanted me to put it in the rear view mirror; my heart told me that I was leaving behind some wonderful friends who made my Mom's final years lovely and supported.

Thank you to you and your glorious staff, each and every one of them, I do love them and their professionalism.

Margaret C. Roberts, Family Member


The nurses, aides, physical therapists and social workers at the Fountains took such good care of my dad.  They are the most compassionate and caring group of health care providers we have encountered.  The hospice nurse shared with us that everyone does not get a phone call telling them that the time of death is nearing for their family member.  We feel very fortunate that we got that call and my mom and I were able to be with my dad during his final hours.  I think the name of my dad’s nurse’s the night he died was Lynette (I am sorry I am fuzzy on her name, it was a hard night) .  She was lovely, kind, patient and caring and checked on us and my dad regularly.  Another nurse came in just after my dad passed and she too was so kind.  Al, one of my dad’s aides, stopped in to offer his condolences when he got to work and spent a few minutes with me and my mom offering us solace.  Early last week I was sitting with my dad and Jared came in to introduce himself to me and see if I needed anything.   I cannot say enough about the all of the care givers in the Wellness Center.   I know that my dad was cared for well in his final days by all of the wonderful people in the Wellness Center and that is of great comfort.

Nicole, Family Member


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