Sample Week at a Glance


9:30am Stretch & Bend
10:00am Walmart
10:30am Choir Rehearsal
12:30pm Echelon Mall
2:00pm Wii Bowling Starters
6:30pm Wii Bowling

9:30am Shoprite
10:30am Wii Bowling
12:30pm Big Lots, Michaels & Pet Smart
12:30pm Green Jeans
1:00pm Men’s Billiards
1:30pm Arts & Crafts
2:00pm Visit with Samson
2:00pm “A Different View”
6:30pm Leashes of Love

9:30am Stretch & Bend
10:00am Post Office & Bank
10:30am Rite Aid and Library
11:30am Men’s Luncheon
12:00pm Farmer’s Market
1:00pm Worship Service
3:00pm Because We Can- Pie Before Dinner
7:00pm Shuffleboard

10:00am Murphy’s or Kmart
10:00am Artist Studio Open
10:00am Senior Stages
11:00am Wii Bowling Class
11:30am Diner Club
2:00pm Popcorn in the Clubhouse
2:00pm Texas Hold’em Poker
6:30pm Fireside League Bowling

9:30am Stretch & Bend
10:00am Target & Bed, Bath & Beyond
11:30am Wii Bowling
1:00pm Rosary Service
1:00pm Men’s Billiards
7:00pm Movie

10:00am Helping Hands Shopping
11:00am Catholic Service
11:45am Mystery Lunch
1:30pm Bingo
7:00pm Movie Night

8:50am Assumption Church
9:10am Bus to Tansboro Methodist
10:45am Atco Presbyterian & Atco Methodist
7:00pm Green Thumb Club